Hot Cross Bun Hacks You Need This Easter – Don’t Waste Leftovers!

It’s no secret that hot cross buns are a staple for Easter – and with good reason, they are absolutely delicious! But what do you do when you have leftovers or find a cheeky deal on the Gander app? 

Instead of skipping a bargain or tossing them out, we have scoured the internet and found the best hot cross bun recipes that are delicious and help reduce food waste. 

So, without further ado, here are four amazing hot cross bun hacks you need this Easter!

1. Hot Cross Apple Crumble – Love Food Hate Waste

Take those slightly stale hot cross buns and any not-quite-perfect apples and dried fruit in your kitchen to the next level; your family and friends will fight for the last bite.

2. Hot Cross Bun Trifle – Delicious Magazine

Try something different this Easter and take a twist on a classic with a Hot Cross Bun Trifle.

3. Hot Cross Bun Pudding – Janes Patisserie 

Hot cross buns and chocolate? What more could you want this Easter? This simple and delicious dessert will have you craving it all year round. 


Easter doesn’t have to be one weekend; check out our freezing guide so you can have the joy of Easter for longer. 

There you have it!

Four amazing hot cross bun hacks that everyone should try this Easter! Not only are the recipes delicious, but they also help reduce food waste. 

Did you know that in the UK alone, over 10 million hot cross buns are thrown away each year, and this causes a lot of significant harm to our planet? 


Let’s do our part to reduce this waste by making these easy, budget-friendly, and tasty recipes instead. Don’t forget to share these recipes with your friends and family and hop into Easter this year with some new (mouthwatering) ideas! 

Happy Easter, Gaggle. 
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