Reductions in
the palm of
your hand.


Reduced price food straight to your phone!

Reductions in
the palm of
your hand.

Reduced price food and drink straight to your phone!

Save big on
reduced food.

Gander shoppers on average save 56% on their food shop!

The first and only app that connects you directly to reduction on stickered food sitting on the shelves of your local store.

Browse, filter,
be notified.

Find what you want, whenever you want.

  • Browse thousands of reduced to clear food items in real time
  • Filter and search however you want
  • Enable notifications to keep you up to date with all things discounted

Happy shoppers,
happy planet.

Not only are you getting your favourite food at massively reduced prices, you are also helping to save perfectly good food from going to waste.

Ready to start saving?

food items saved
£ Saved on your shop
tonnes of CO2 saved

Don’t take our word for it.

Gander is an award-winning app with it’s users at the heart of the operation.

Love it and even better there always seems to be loads of reductions at my local store!

Great app that shows you real live reduced food in local @SPARNI stores #YellowStickerFood #ReducedFood #LessWaste

Totally amazed at this app. Downloaded it just to have a look but I have to say it’s brilliant. What a great way to save waste and save a cash. Love it.

Have you got the app?

Download today for free and save money and the planet.


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