April 4th is International Carrot Day; we’re here to root for it! 

While this day is celebrated worldwide, we’re here to celebrate it with a twist – a serving of food waste facts to make you think twice about tossing your carrot tops. So, let’s dive in!

Back to basics

Carrots aren’t just pretty faces. They’re packed with nutrients, high in Vitamin A, and low in calories. Carrots are versatile- you can grate them for salads, blend them into smoothies or use them to make a good batch of soup. Carrots aren’t just orange; they come in purple, yellow and white, each with distinct flavours. Crazy right? 

We know food waste is a monster we need to tame, and it’s especially true in the world of fruits and vegetables. That’s why International Carrot Day is the perfect opportunity to get creative with the unsung vegetable hero- the carrot. 

Here are our top four Gander-licious recipes and tips with the humble carrot as the star: 

1. No-waste carrot gnudi – Delicious Australia

Taking no-waste up a notch with a carrot pasta 

2. Roasted carrot and cheese tart – Tesco Real Food

Colourful and delicious, feel summer ready with this moreish tart. 

3. Carrot Cake – BBC Good Food

A delicious cake that you “carrot” resist! 

4. Attention, pet owners! 

Stop throwing out those leftover bits of carrot and get creative – think veggie sticks, dehydrated treats or even a yummy porridge for your furry friends. Not to mention, carrots are naturally full of essential nutrients your pets will love, and you’ll be able to give them a healthier diet by reusing this nutritious vegetable.

A Brucey Bonus: Did you know you can also pickle carrot stems? Or, that carrot leaf pesto is a thing, and it is delicious? Don’t throw away the tops; use them by steaming, roasting, or sautéing with a light seasoning of herbs and spices!

So, let’s embrace the carrot power! 

This International Carrot Day, let us make every day a carrot day, reduce wastage and get creative with this versatile veggie. Using these tips and tricks, we can make the most of the fresh, affordable, and nutrient-packed vegetable while also doing our part in reducing food waste.

#InternationalCarrotDay 🥕


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