Sell more
reduced food,

Increase Revenue. Decrease Waste. Multiply footfall.

Sell more
reduced food,

Increase Revenue. Decrease Waste. Multiply footfall.

Why Gander?

Gander is the first app to automatically connect your reduced food to a huge local audience that want it. Inspiring motivated shoppers to purchase them before they become surplus.

Increase revenue

Most retailers see 90% of
reductions sold

Decrease waste

Sell more reductions, faster
and higher prices

Multiply footfall

Thousands more views per

“We’re not changing our process at all. You’re marketing an area of the store you’ve never marketed before.”

Darren Nickels
Head of Henderson Technology

How does Gander work?

Seamless Integration.

Reduce your products as normal, changing nothing in-store as Gander integrates fully with your Point of Sale system.

No training or additional labour costs


Once reduced, products appear automatically on the app in front of a huge audience of motivated shoppers.

Displays official imagery and dietary and preferences

Sell more,
waste less.

Users are driven to your store to purchase your products at a lower cost. Once an item is sold it is removed in real-time from the app. 

Thousands more views per product


Our analytic platform offers unprecedented insights into consumer behaviours and reduction performance. Providing you with cutting-edge analysis on reduction performance and consumer behaviour.

Boosting your business

Not only does Gander deliver amazing performance improvements both environmentally and financially, but Gander is the most economical solution that sit.


faster to sell reductions
than before



bought full price item also
increasing basket size



improvement in reduction
compliance and timing


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