What on earth is Gander?

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What we're about

Gander's mission is to turn potential overstock and quiet periods into an opportunity for both businesses and consumers. Users save money and discover new places. Businesses avoid surplus stock, grow incidental sales and improve local awareness. The environment is happy. Everybody wins.

Our founder, Nick Horsthuis, wanted to create a way for businesses to instantly connect with everyone around them to let them know when they reduce their prices at any moment during each day. Gander was developed to help reduce potential food waste in an economically and environmentally sustainable way; businesses should be able to recoup some of their costs and consumers are always looking to save and explore their local area.

Gander is plotting a course to help alleviate one of the world's dumbest problems and we'd love you to join us in helping to expand this across the UK and internationally.

Brand Resources

You are welcome to use our logo for blog posts, press releases, or any other story featuring Gander. For interviews and enquiries, please contact [email protected]